Mayville Trail Project Progresses Despite Delay

MAYVILLE — A trail project in Mayville is progressing despite running a little behind schedule.

Village officials were updated during a Tuesday meeting on a trail project that runs from Lakeside Park, near the Chautauqua Belle landing, heading north to State Route 430. The trail is a segment of the planned Barcelona to Chautauqua Institution Trail.

Drew Rogers, county buildings and grounds engineer, said the project began in 2014 with surveying and planning. The state Department of Transportation gave its approval and an environmental review assessment was complete. The project was awarded to a contractor last year with the hopes to begin construction in the spring.

Rogers told trustees the project was held back a bit due to a wetland permit they were waiting to receive from the state Department of Environmental Conservation to construct the trail near Sea Lion Drive where a buffer area sits. Rogers said they were allowed to begin the project without the permit as long as they weren’t working near the buffer area.

Rogers also said a small error in the project survey also stopped construction.

“The error wasn’t huge, but it was one of those things that affected the whole project,” he said. “It was nothing you would be able to see on a set of plans. It was points and coordinates and elevation.”

The project, which is sponsored by the county, consists of a 10-foot-wide, shared-use asphalt path. The trail expands to 12 feet near The Watermark to withstand light vehicular traffic.

If work hasn’t resumed already, Rogers said it should begin next week. Work could be complete sometime before the fall.

As for the use of asphalt, Rogers said it was the best surface to go with compared to crushed stone. Permeable pavement wasn’t feasible for the trail due to the high infiltration rate of soils in the area.

“There was some engineering concerns with that,” Rogers said.

Stormwater runoff will continue as it normally does, according to Rogers. Sections of the trail running close to the lake were designed so that water would head to a grass swale area to allow for stormwater collection before being discharged into the lake.

During construction, Rogers said black silt fences are in place as required per erosion and sediment control plans to protect the lake from any potential runoff.

In other matters, the board approved a public hearing for Sept. 5 at 6:30 p.m. to solicit comment from residents on the proposed use of remaining U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development funds. Mayor Martin Bova Jr. said the village has $19,448 in available funds for small business and economic development purposes.

With no interest from parties for funds, the village is looking to use it for sidewalk replacement and construction on East Evans Street to better serve occupants of Portage Hill Apartments. Bova Jr. said HUD approved the use of funds for the proposed project. The hearing will take place at the Mayville Community Building.

Sarah Wansley, artistic associate for Chautauqua Theatre Co., discussed the possibility of having a free Shakespeare act at Lakeside Park next summer. Wansley said it would look to bring Chautauqua Institution and area communities together for a 90-minute play. The board expressed their support for the idea.