Lakewood Zoning Board Approves Height Variance For Honda Signs

The Honda dealership building is up on East Fairmount Avenue in Lakewood. P-J photo by Jimmy McCarthy

LAKEWOOD — Two signs that will be placed at the new Honda dealership will be shorter than what was originally proposed.

The Lakewood Zoning Board of Appeals approved two sign height variances at Thursday’s meeting for the new Jamestown Honda Dealership currently under construction on East Fairmount Avenue in the village. Board members approved variances for two signs, one being the new car sign and the other being the pre-owned sign, that will be 15 feet 9 inches tall and 10 feet wide. Signs will be located along East Fairmount Avenue.

Last month, board members turned down a proposal for a sign standing 30-feet tall and another 25-feet tall. Zoning law in the village allows for a free standing sign to be up to 9-feet without the need for a variance. The Luv Toyota sign in Lakewood stands around 16-feet high.

Chairman Bill Chandler indicated at July’s meeting that the Luv Toyota sign has been the model for other monument signs along East Fairmount Avenue. With the zoning board’s approval, signs at Luv Toyota and Luv Honda will be similar in height. Bud McFadden, used car manager at Luv Toyota, brought forth the sign proposal last month and was in attendance for Thursday’s meeting.

“The options we had talked about was the height that recently was outlined and was beyond the code, and we asked (McFadden) to consider the code or the height of what is at Toyota.” Chandler said. “Mr. McFadden is presenting a sign that is somewhat similar to the neighboring agency (Luv Toyota). It still needs a variance since the code is 9 feet.”

Work is in motion to complete a 25,000-square-foot, $5.2 million Jamestown Honda Dealership located at 207 E. Fairmount Ave. in Lakewood. A groundbreaking commenced in October. The structure is up and car lots have been paved.

In June 2015, it was announced that American Honda Motor Corporation awarded a Honda sales and service agreement to William McFadden, owner of Luv Toyota in Lakewood, for the Jamestown market. The full-service Honda dealership will look to serve Jamestown as well as the Warren, Olean, Bradford and Dunkirk-Fredonia markets.