Emergency Main Street Demolition Complete

The demolition of the Stearns Building on North Main Street has been completed. Last month, the emergency demolition started after city officials noticed a shift in the facade. P-J photo by Dennis Phillips

The demolition for the unique building shaped like a slice of pie has been completed along North Main Street.

On Monday, Vince DeJoy, city development director, said the emergency demolition has been completed, with all the debris being removed from 34 N. Main St. where the Stearns Building used to be located. He said work still needs to be done to fill in the hole where the building’s basement was located.

DeJoy said city officials will now try to get funds from the building owner to cover the cost of the emergency demolition.

He estimates the cost of the controlled demolition to be around $80,000. He said the cost is higher than normal because of the monitoring needing to be done for asbestos during the demolition. Because of the emergency situation, no asbestos survey was done prior to the building being torn down.

In January, Sam Teresi, Jamestown mayor, said the building was purchased last year during the county’s tax foreclosure auction. He said city officials don’t know if the new building owner has insurance on the property.

The Stearns Building was the third vacant building in downtown Jamestown since October to have structural integrity problems. On Oct. 20, there was a partial roof collapse at 10-12 E. Second St., which required an emergency demolition for a portion of the building that night, with the rest of the building being torn down in November. In December, another roof collapsed occurred at 103.5 W. Third St., at the former Betty Dixon Candy location.