Police Encourage Safety First During Halloween

While Halloween can be a fun time for Trick-or-Treaters and parents alike, it’s also a time for precautions.

Local police departments are encouraging citizens to be mindful of any suspicious or dangerous activities in their neighborhoods this evening and report anything to police.

In Jamestown, additional police patrols will take place on neighborhood streets during official Trick-or-Treating hours from 6-8 p.m.

The Jamestown Police Department is encouraging parents and children to attend the annual Halloween Fun Fest, co-sponsored by the city of Jamestown, at the former Allen Park Ice Skating Rink today, from 6-8 p.m. The event is free of charge.

In Dunkirk, official Trick-or-Treating hours will be 4-7 p.m. Dunkirk police have indicated that neighborhood watch groups will keep an eye out for criminal activity and report anything to the department.

Captain Robert F. Samuelson, division commander of the JPD, said traffic safety remains a big concern.

“(Drivers) should be observant of the young kids walking around,” he said.

Joe Gerace, Chautauqua County sheriff, recommended that young children be accompanied by an adult at all times, while older children should travel in groups and never venture down dark or empty side streets.

“Halloween is a fun time in Chautauqua County,” Gerace said. “Let’s make it a safe time as well.”

Local police have offered the following tips to ensure children enjoy a safe Halloween:

Have children wear light-colored, flame-retardant and short costumes to avoid tripping and falling; have them wear reflective tape on their costumes; have them carry a flashlight; have them visit neighborhood homes only with outside lights turned on; have them wear makeup instead of masks that may obstruct vision or ventilation; examine all candy before consumption; substitute plastic or wood props such as daggers and swords with foam rubber props; watch for traffic.