Zoning Board Tables New UPMC Sign Proposals

The Jamestown Zoning Board of Appeals has tabled two separate petitions for new signs at both UPMC Chautauqua locations in the city.

On Wednesday, the zoning board heard from Michael Long of Bartlett Signs of Fairview, Pa., who discussed the petition to install three signs at the UPMC Chautauqua Jones Memorial Health Center, with one of the signs to be illuminated.

Long said the illuminated sign would be located near the intersection of Barrett and Glasgow avenues. He said the sign would be moved closer to the intersection to be more visible. He added currently the sign is 45 feet from the intersection and they would like to move it to 28 feet. The sign would also be one foot taller.

Long said the second sign would be a new sign to direct people to the new opioid addiction center. He said it is a directional sign to help people get to the center. The third sign also isn’t currently in existence and would be used to direct people to the opioid center, Long said.

Peter Larson, zoning board member, said he has concern about the third sign because it would be located in the island near the intersection of Barrett Avenue and Baker Street. He said his concern is with visibility for traffic on both streets. He asked if other sign locations were consider and if the sign could be smaller than proposed. Ellen Ditonto, zoning board chairperson, said she too is concern about the location of this sign in correlation with the vehicle traffic on both streets.

A local resident Harry Covert of Barrett Avenue said the intersection, without the sign, is already a dangerous place because some vehicle traffic doesn’t stop at the intersection. He said the setback zoning laws are part of the city code for a reason.

Larson motioned to table the resolution for more information like photos or conceptual renders that would show that the signs would not interfere with the sight lines of drivers at the intersection of Baker Street and Barrett Avenue.

The second petition was to install five illuminated signs at UPMC Chautauqua’s main location along Foote Avenue. During the discussion on the signs, it was indicated that one of the signs would first need to be approved by the Chautauqua County Planning Board because it was located near state Route 60. Long briefly discussed each sign, with most of the signs being located in the same location as current signage, but the board had to table the motion until the county planning board rules on the sign near Route 60.