Mitrano’s Future Uncertain After Defeat

Tracy Mitrano said she isn’t sure what her political future holds after she was defeated by U.S. Rep. Tom Reed in Tuesday’s general election.

In a call with regional media, Mitrano said she felt good about the campaign her team ran in seeking the sprawling 23rd Congressional District. The Democrat said her positions, especially on health care, were based on fact.

“We feel very good about the campaign we ran,” Mitrano said. “We ran a fact-based campaign. No one in our camp said anything that couldn’t be traced to a record or fact.”

Mitrano was defeated by Reed, R-Corning, 53.8 percent to 44 percent after pulling in 100,495 votes according to unofficial results. In Chautauqua County, Mitrano received 16,579 votes to Reed’s 24,134 votes.

When asked if she planned to run again for the congressional seat in 2020, Mitrano said she hasn’t made a decision one way or another. She went as far as quoting her father, saying, “We will see what we will see.”

Using hindsight, Mitrano said it would have been wise to hire a public relations firm to help with the negativity she and her campaign faced from Reed. She noted that she was the victim of a character assassination through countless negative ads and mischaracterizations of her positions — most notably with her stance on open heroin injections sites.

Reed called Mitrano an “Extreme Ithaca Liberal,” a tag he has placed on many of his past opponents. Reed on Wednesday said he would no long use the label.

“This is what is so damaging, why people don’t run. They don’t want to be so grossly caricatured,” Mitrano said, adding there was a “cespool of lies in order to simply present a platform.”

Mitrano said she was glad to see Democrats win a majority of seats in the House. In doing so, she hopes to see a balance of powers between the three branches of government while also ending some of the divisiveness that has engulfed the country.

“This has got to stop. We need to begin to address our differences,” Mitrano said, adding that Democrats have to learn to “work with Republicans to bring people back to the center.”