Poland To Apply For Energy Grant

POLAND — The Poland Town Board discussed several ongoing projects at its recent meeting.

Supervisor Kelly Snow reported that she had received some information about a grant the town of Poland can apply for. The Clean Energy Community Program grant will provide municipalities with funds they can use as they see fit after certain conditions are met.

Two resolutions were considered and passed to help meet the requirements. The first resolution adopts an energy benchmarking program for the town buildings. Reports on energy usage at town facilities will be created yearly to see how usage compares to similar municipal buildings. Reports will be available to the public online.

The second resolution adopts the New York state Unified Solar Permit. The town code officer will use New York state building codes and uniform solar permit applications for small-scale photo-voltaic systems to be installed in the town, thus streamlining the process. Since interest in home solar energy systems is increasing, this is a timely program.

Code Officer Alan Gustafson has already completed state-mandated energy enforcement training. The town will also purchase and install two EV charging stations for vehicles to help meet the requirements of the Clean Energy Community program.

In other business, there has still been no word on repairs to the railroad crossing on Route 62 near the four corners in Kennedy. Deterioration is continuing while a solution is sought.

Snow stated that she had renewed the CD the town has to invest municipal funds. She was pleased to tell the board that the interest rate has increased.

Town Councilman Terry Walker noted that repairs to Mee Road had turned out very well. The sub strata in one area tends to cause recurring damage to the road, despite several attempts by engineers to devise a permanent fix.

Town Clerk Bonnita Wallace reported that the New York state Health Department is now putting death certificates online. All municipalities have been getting their accounts set up.

Assessor Heather Young-Deyell informed the board that the town’s assessment database had been sent to the county for school tax purposes. She reminded everyone that there would still be two different ways that the STAR program will be administered.

Those who were enrolled over two years ago will still receive an amount off on their school tax bill. Those enrolled less that two years will receive a check in the mail. Other changes are coming to the Enhanced STAR program as well.

This year when renewal applications are sent out, property owners will be required to complete and return the automatic income verification form as well as the normal Enhanced STAR renewal application. The New York State Tax and Finance Office will now determine the income eligibility moving forward for all Enhanced STAR recipients. The revaluation program is progressing.

The next regular Poland Town Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 11, at 7 p.m. in the Town Hall in Kennedy. Snow will be available at 5:30 p.m. to meet with residents about any concerns. The public is encouraged to attend.