Metro Mattress Store Receives Board Approval

The 347 E. Fairmount Ave. location for Metro Mattress, an upcoming mattress store in Lakewood, was approved by the village board of trustees Monday after the planning board had given no recommendation Aug. 15. Broker Todd Oudemool detailed possible ways to reduce runoff into Chautauqua Lake, which had been a main concern of the planning board’s. P-J photo by Eric Zavinski

LAKEWOOD — The upcoming Metro Mattress store could now open at its 347 E. Fairmount Ave. location later this year. The Village Board of Trustees approved the project Monday after broker Todd Oudemool of Olympus Brokerage Co. gave more details the Planning Board had asked for Aug. 15.

The project was on the fence after the Planning Board gave no recommendation after hearing Oudemool’s proposal and reviewing a site plan. In response to being asked to give more details, Oudemool presented his project anew at a public hearing and detailed possible ways to reduce runoff from the site and expressed his willingness to be a “good neighbor.”

Oudemool is hopeful that Metro Mattress in Lakewood can be ready for a Black Friday opening, positioning the new store to be operating in the early winter months, a time he described as pivotal for selling mattresses.

Jeffrey Swanson, Lakewood building inspector, had suggested the site plan review for the 2,800 square feet store not because it was required for review, as it was under the 3,000 square feet threshold, but because it was considered a significant project.

“I think it’s a good project for the area,” Swanson said.

Metro Mattress will replace the empty lot that used to be the home of The Bagel Company. Twelve parking spots will fill the lot in front of the store, and there are plans to place a monument sign in the grass 15 feet from the road. Oudemool explained there would be light landscaping done, including the pruning of trees to allow for the sign’s visibility.

Oudemool mentioned dark sky technology in terms of lighting, meaning light pollution would be kept to a minimum with the installation of bronze gooseneck barn light LED fixtures that will be turned down toward the ground.

Another element the planning board had suggested Oudemool elaborate on for the trustees was the dumpster enclosure behind the store. The dumpster will be enclosed by six-feet galvanized chainlink fence with privacy slats and a double gate for access.

The big question of what will be done to prevent runoff of sediment and harmful nutrients into Chautauqua Lake was answered last, as Oudemool said the lot will be changed in no major way, meaning that runoff should drain into pervious surfaces such as the nearby grass or the catch basins. A new top coat will be paved plus or minus 2 inches where pavement already exists.

Residents attending the meeting along with John Jablonski III, executive director of the Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy, expressed concern regarding runoff and wanted Metro Mattress to assume responsibility for making sure the runoff situation is made more sustainable for Chautauqua Lake. The parties involved did not seem able to agree whether current runoff drains into storm drains or into a tributary leading to Chautauqua Lake. Swanson felt that no more runoff would be created and that the store’s flat roof would not collect sediment.

Regardless, Oudemool said he would be willing to work with the CWC to establish a nearby rain garden to collect runoff at some point.

“They (at Metro Mattress) want to be a good neighbor,” Oudemool said.

In other news, the board of trustees approved the use of Lakewood streets for the sixth annual Kallie’s Krusade Kolors for Kallie 5K color run Monday. Use of Lakewood streets was also approved for the YMCA’s Battle of the Businesses 2-mile run Sept. 15.

Treasurer Andrea Windoft was also authorized by the board to transfer $1,300 to pay for the new water fountain at the dog park.