Quattrone Receives State Police PBA Endorsement For Sheriff

John Clark, PBA delegate for Troop A, and Jack Moretti, alternate delegate, shake hands with Jim Quattrone, candidate for Chautauqua County sheriff. Submitted photo

The New York State Troopers Police Benevolent Association announced it has endorsed Jim Quattrone for Chautauqua County sheriff. John Clark, PBA delegate for Troop A, and Jack Moretti, alternate delegate and former secretary for the Troopers PBA, met with Quattrone to inform him of the endorsement, stating the organization was proudly endorsing him in his bid for sheriff.

“Chautauqua County residents and visitors deserve a community that they can feel safe and secure,” Quattrone said. “It is only when agencies can collaborate and cooperate with each other that we will have these safe communities. We need to work with all police agencies — local, state, and federal to ensure the quality of life we deserve. It is equally important that the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office work alongside other government agencies, nonprofits and Emergency Medical Services to develop more efficient and effective ways to combat our drug epidemic.”

“While working together in a collaborative and cooperative manner we can develop positive efforts to combat the drug epidemic which has led to increased crime rates, increased rates of incarceration, and increased financial costs to our county residents,” he said. “We need to find smarter ways to combat these issues and reduce the rates recidivism. We must unify the county’s efforts on drug enforcement rather than having multiple drug task forces so that we can effectively remove those who are selling and dealing in the poison that is taking too many lives. At the same time we need to work with our rehabilitation centers and peer advocacy networks to assist those who are fighting addictions and are seeking help.”

“I look forward to developing these positive partnerships with the various agencies that are working hard to make Chautauqua County a great place to live for all.”