National Comedy Center Bill Advances

U.S. Rep. Tom Reed announced Thursday that his bill to officially designate the National Comedy Center in Jamestown, and recognize it as the only museum of its kind that exists for the exclusive purpose of celebrating comedy in all its forms, passed unanimously in the House Natural Resources committee.

“As the birthplace of Lucille Ball, there is no better city or town to hold the National Comedy Center than Jamestown,” Reed said in a statement. “I would like to thank my colleagues on the Natural Resources Committee for recognizing this, and I look forward to continue seeing the National Comedy Center revitalize our community.”

Reed said the bill is now eligible to go before the entire House of Representatives.

The congressman in June announced that he will be taking up the official designation bill in the House, joining U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer’s legislation in the U.S. Senate. Reed said he is confident the two bills will be passed before the official grand opening of the National Comedy Center Aug. 1. He said the official designation will show people across the world and nation that Jamestown, the hometown of Lucille Ball, is the place to celebrate comedy.

“It is significant and credible given its location (the birthplace of Lucy),” Reed said at a press conference last month. “It recognizes that this is the place (to celebrate comedy) like Cooperstown (is the place to celebrate baseball) or Cleveland for rock and roll.”