Ripley Board Prepares For Budget Revote

RIPLEY — The Ripley Board of Education held a public budget hearing where they geared up for the June 19 revote on the district’s 2018-19 school budget.

The budget vote failed with district residents voting 90 in favor and 91 against. The district decided to take the same $9.2 million 2018-19 school budget back to the voters for a revote.

Board President Robert Bentley reiterated that the currently proposed budget is needed to operate the school “successfully.”

At the budget hearing, the board asked the public as to why the budget failed in the first place. One district resident was as confused as the board was as to why the budget failed the first time around.

Bentley maintained his confidence in the budget.

“It’s a good budget,” Bentley said. “It’s a solid budget.”

If the revote mirrors results of the previous vote, the district will be forced to use a contingency budget that is $200,000 less than the currently proposed budget.

A number Bentley said would be difficult to operate the district with.

Bentley told The Post-Journal that he had no idea whether the budget would pass or fail but was certain it was the budget needed for the district.

“I have no read on the community at this point,” Bentley said.

The board also planned to mail a letter to district residents prior to the vote next week explaining the district’s position regarding the budget. The letter also highlights what the school offers students and new leadership that is on its way to the district.

During the regular board meeting prior to the budget hearing, the board officially introduced the new principal Micah Oldham.

Micah Oldham is the son of Kirby Oldham, who is currently the interim-principal at Ripley Central School. Micah said his father reassured him he wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to apply at “the best kept secret” in the county.

The Ripley Board of Education continued its search for a new superintendent following the board meeting and have yet to select a candidate.

Voters will take to the voting booth on June 18 from 2-8 p.m. in room 125.