Protests Held At Warren County Courthouse Against Border Action

WARREN, Pa. — “No hate, no fear, immigrant kids are welcome here.”

The chant could be heard on the corner of Market Street and Fourth Avenue in Warren, Pa., Friday evening, along with plenty of others, all centered on the same message: opposition to the Trump administration’s current actions at the border.

According to Department of Homeland Security numbers cited in an Associated Press article on Friday, “1,995 minors were separated from 1,940 adults from April 19 through May 31.” The reasons for separation include illegal entry, immigration violations, and the possibility of criminal conduct on the part of adults involved.

The zero tolerance policy on immigration violation, enacted by Attorney General Jeff Sessions on April 6 of this year, creates separation by requiring all cases of illegal entry to be referred for prosecution, while observing United States protocol prohibiting detainment of children with parents, as only the parents are being charged with crimes and not the children.

Children’s rights advocates, politicians, and religious groups have decried the situation as inhumane while Sessions quoted the Bible in defense of the policy, according to the AP.

Local representatives for the Indivisible movement in Warren County were among those opposed, and they made their position clear Friday evening as traffic passed in and out of town near the courthouse.

Only one passing motorist stopped traffic for around two minutes to shout his position — in favor of the crackdown — from the window of his car. Many passing vehicles honked in support.