Busti To Partially Self-Fund Herbicide Treatment

P-J file photo

BUSTI — During a Busti Town Board meeting Tuesday, board members approved Chautauqua Lake Partnership and SOLitude Lake Management to apply herbicides on Chautauqua Lake, from Big Tree Road and continuing west on the water.

The town matched a donation of $17,000 totaling $34,000 to use toward the cost of the town’s share of herbicide application. Town Supervisor Jesse Robbins said the town was originally not expected to pay, but cited the CLP “having a hard time” raising the essential funds for the project.

“It’s a good place to try,” Robbins said of the impacted areas.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation approved 191 acres of the 989 acres for herbicide treatment.

Robbins said he was optimistic that more areas will be treated next year.

“I sure hope so,” he said of using more herbicides in the future. “We need to save the lake.”

He cited the lake as being an “economic driver” as to why he felt the herbicide treatment was necessary to eliminate the overgrown weeds.

As for the opposition to Busti supporting the current herbicide use, he said “it’s getting old.”

The Lakewood Village Board recently voted 3-1 against herbicide use on the lake within village boundaries. The areas in Busti approved for herbicide use does not include areas within the village.

“There’s no compromising with three of the people on the (Lakewood Village) Board,” Robbins said.

The CLP recently announced that the herbicide application will take place June 11 and June 12.

“Targeted use of herbicides now rejoins weed harvesting in the Chautauqua Lake weed management toolkit as in other parts of New York state and the country after what has effectively been a 25-year absence,” the CLP said in a statement.