Carroll Town Board Eyes New Location For Police

CARROLL — The town of Carroll held its May town hall meeting Wednesday evening for an audience of Carroll residents who were interested in hearing business, new and old.

“I was here 12 years,” said Laura Greenwood, town supervisor, “and there were so many meetings where we had two to three people every month. It’s nice to see so much attendance.”

As part of Greenwood’s desire to have more transparency in Carroll, this town hall featured talk of a request for proposal for an architect to renovate the Carroll Police Department. Currently, the Carroll Police Department is hosted on the second floor of the town hall, and there is no elevator in the building that would allow for some residents to be able to talk to police. The new idea for a location for the department is in the empty bays of the garage that hosts the Carroll Historical Society.

In new business, it was noted that the Maple Grove Cemetery is in some financial trouble. It was motioned for the water department and highway department to share a lawn mower with the cemetery. The rotation will feature the water and highway departments splitting the cost for the next year, and then the town will negotiate with the cemetery to cut the costs into thirds among the three entities.

Town beautification is also underway, including flags and flowers. Flowers were said to be purchased for $800.

Don Sparling, dog control officer, is holding his resignation, and a new officer is intended to be recruited. A letter to allow Sparling to have pepperspray and a firearm on the job was also retracted by the town board.

The town board also authorized the water department to purchase a cleaning system. A public hearing to spend monies from the reserve fund to pay for the cleaning system was also authorized; the public hearing will take place at the next town meeting at 6:45 p.m.

Water system flushing will take place today, starting at 9 a.m. and concluding the following Thursday afternoon.

Due to a busy summer schedule, Kimberly Dilts resigned from her position of town director, planning summer activities with local youth.