Super Loads For Wind Turbines Headed For Area Roads Beginning Tuesday

ARKWRIGHT — The Arkwright Summit Wind Farm project will have its turbines delivered to the site from Buffalo starting Tuesday.

The announcement was stated by EDP Renewables representatives at the last town board meeting and confirmed by the state Department of Transportation.

“After 10-plus years of development, we’ve got turbine components coming next week,” EDP representative Kellen Ingalls said. “That’s when it’s anticipated. You’ll be starting to see turbine pieces starting to arrive very shortly.”

The state DOT added that the transportation will cause traffic stops at some intersections. The loading site is on Lake Shore Road, Route 5 in the town of Hamburg and will have one daily convoy scheduled each weekday from April 17-20. Beginning on April 23, the state said, up to four convoys will occur each weekday through June 12.

The deliveries will be between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Troopers will temporarily stop traffic, where required. The roadways that can be impacted are: Route 5, New York Route 179 (Milestrip Road), McKinley Parkway, Route 391 and Route 219 in Erie County. Also in Cattaraugus and Chautauqua counties, Route 219, Route 242, Route 394, Interstate 86, Route 60, Route 20 and Route 39 may have temporary stops.

There was discussion on the route that the turbines will take from Buffalo to Arkwright. EDP has already prepared roadways for the turn, however, there may be a problem on Route 39. Arkwright Town Superintendent of Highways Jim Ziemba said that a bridge will be in construction on Route 39, which is a road that the turbines would have travelled through. EDP said it would look into the problem and adapt to the issue.

There will be five more cranes coming to the Arkwright area as well. Three will be 356-feet cranes.

Arkwright Town Supervisor Fred Norton made a few jokes about the attention the wind farm has received. When the wind turbines arrive, “We will get bleachers set up,” Norton said. “We will sell tickets.”