Zoning Board Approves Variance For The Resource Center Parking Lot

The Jamestown Zoning Board of Appeals has approved an area variance for The Resource Center for an expanded parking lot at the intersection of East Second and Jeffords Avenue. P-J photo by Dennis Phillips

The Jamestown Zoning Board of Appeals has approved an area variance to add additional capacity to the existing parking lot for The Resource Center’s East Second Street facility.

The variance was needed because the required setback for automotive use in a commercial or manufacturing zone is 15 feet. The proposed setback for the west property line is 10 feet and 6.7 feet from East Second Street on the east property line.

The project will include the removal of pavement, incorporating greenspace and stormwater management. Ron Carlson of Chautauqua Resources Inc. was the petitioner for the area variance. He said the project will include additional drainage. Larry Scalise, city building/zoning code enforcement officer, said the project will also include adding twice as much greenery to the parking lot.

There was one written correspondence, an official from the county Planning Board wrote that he was asked to inspect the project because it was being done within 500 feet of state Route 394. The county official wrote that he approved of the project.

In other zoning board business, Ted Henry was approved for a use variance to allow for a 10-foot by 20-foot shed on a vacant lot located on the west side of the South Main and Sabin streets intersection. In a single-family residential zoned district, no shed, garage, camper or utility trailer can be allowed on a lot without a single family dwelling.

Henry said he didn’t realize he wasn’t allowed to build the shed on a vacant lot. He said he also has a trailer and an RV on the lot as well. He added that he plans to build a house on the property in the future.

Scalise said that city officials have inspected the property and Henry will be allowed to build a house on the lot.

Maria Jones, Ward 5 councilwoman where the property is located, said that since Henry has owned the property it is much better looking that when there used to be a house there or while it was an empty lot. She spoke to several neighbors and they’re all pleased with the way Henry cares for the property. The zoning board did receive a petition signed by 10 homeowners in the neighborhood who approve of Henry’s maintenance of the property.

The zoning board approved the variance under the conditions that Henry builds a house on the lot within five years and if he sells the property, which he has no plans to do, that the variance will be terminated.