Trustees Discuss Zoning Law, Grant Developments

LAKEWOOD — A public hearing was held during Monday’s meeting of the Lakewood Village Board regarding proposed local and zoning laws, along with proposed amendments designed to make enforcement easier for Jeff Swanson, Lakewood’s building inspector and code enforcement officer.

The specific areas of the zoning law the new local laws address include property maintenance, fences and accessory structures and amendments to the “Local Law 6-2016,” which contains regulations on brush and yard waste management and removal. Ted McCague, deputy mayor and trustee, indicated that he and Swanson on the proposed zoning law amendments over the past year.

According to Joe Johnson, village clerk, there was no comment offered by those in attendance Monday, and the adoption of the amendments was tabled due to Village Attorney John LaMancuso’s request that the village allow for the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) process to be completed before they are formally adopted.

In other news, the board approved a professional services agreement between the village and LaBella Associates DPC., of Buffalo, regarding the development of a Main Street Master Plan for Chautauqua Avenue. The agreement acts as a formality outlining the firm’s duties and responsibilities in the development of the plan, which would be paid for by via a Main Street Technical Assistance Grant. This grant was awarded to the village by the Office of New York State Homes and Community Renewal on Jan. 25.

The pursuit of the Main Street Technical Assistance Grant is being undertaken by the village of repurposing and redeveloping its “underutilized” downtown area through various streetscape improvements and facade upgrades in order to attract investment and a healthy business mix.

According to the agreement between the village and LaBella Associates, the firm will develop a grant application that is reflective of the village’s goals for downtown revitalization. The application will include a detailed project work plan and scope and schedule, rationale, and need for the grant as a mechanism to administer the building renovation grant, action plan and administrative procedures.

Johnson said the acceptance of the application would result in additional funding to the village in order to incorporate the plan items into reality.