Student Expelled For Role In Alleged JCC Sexual Assault Incident

It has been determined by Jamestown Community College officials and the Jamestown Police Department that the victim of an alleged sexual assault on Jan. 29 is not a JCC student or a resident of the residence halls.

JCC staff and Jamestown police officers learned that a breach in residence hall security occurred on the night of the alleged incident. As a result of the security violation, two students were removed from the residence life program and another student, who had prior conduct violations, was expelled from JCC.

Kirk Young, JCC’s vice president of enrollment management and institutional advancement, stated, “As of this afternoon, JPD has advised JCC officials that it is now at a point in its criminal investigation that JCC can resume its investigation into this incident.”

JCC officials believe the situation is an isolated incident and that the campus community and residents are not at risk.

“We have been active in ensuring the safety of our students in the residence halls and will continue to do so,” Young said.