Reed Discusses List Of Priorities For New Year

U.S. Rep. Tom Reed, R-Corning, announced several priorities he will focus on in 2018. Reed said issues at the forefront for this year include infrastructure improvements, welfare reform, college cost containment and agriculture issues.

“The successful foundation that tax reform provides will continue to jumpstart our local economies as it has already shown tangible results,” Reed said. “Over 100 companies have announced bonuses and increased wages for workers across the county.”

Reed said he is also committed to fixing the county’s infrastructure. Recently, the Problem Solvers Caucus that Reed co-chairs announced an outline of options to rebuild roads, bridges, airports, sewers, waterways and broadband networks. Reed said the provides Congress the “building blocks” necessary to build a comprehensive infrastructure plan that “both parties can agree to,” he said.

“Infrastructure is an area in which we can find common ground and I look forward to working with the president to move our nations infrastructure projects forward,” Reed said.

Welfare reform is also on Reed’s list of priorities for 2018. The idea is to “streamline” programs that may be inefficient or that duplicate another effort. Also, Reed said the effort will include calling for work and volunteer requirements in order to receive benefits.

“We have to make sure these programs reward work and that folks get the training they need to reenter the workforce,” Reed said. “We need to empower people and ensure they are able to become self-sufficient as we know they strive to be.”

College tuition costs and protecting farmers in the upstate area are also going to be major efforts this year, Reed said. He said he will fight to maintain specialty crop research programs and reform dairy protection programs, including the Margin Protection Program, which will better the true costs and needs of farmers.