Infinity Board Announces New Annual Fundraising Campaign

The Infinity Visual and Performing Arts student ensemble Joan and the Arcs is pictured with instructor Jeremy Bunce, center. Infinity announced its inaugural “Step Up for the Arts” fundraising campaign, which starts Tuesday and will run through March 10. Submitted photo

Members of Infinity Visual and Performing Arts’ Board of Directors will soon be hitting the pavement on behalf of the entity with which they’ve been charged.

The board recently announced Infinity’s inaugural “Step Up for the Arts” fundraising campaign, which will assist in the perpetuation of the organization’s valuable community programming.

The new initiative is a byproduct of the board’s desire to be a part of Infinity’s fundraising efforts, the largest of which is the annual Local Music Showcase held every September. The money raised from these efforts is put toward several facets of Infinity’s programming including student scholarships; private and group lessons in music, art, dance, theater and literature; spring and summer day camps; performance ensembles; leadership and marketable skills development classes; Infinity Arts Cafe events; and more.

“We do a lot as a staff but the board wanted to do something in the way of fundraising,” said Shane Hawkins, Infinity’s executive director. “Grants are hard to come by and local funders are putting a lot of money out there into the community for a lot of other great things that are happening, so we don’t want to be as dependent on that if we can broaden our donor base in a different way.”

Hawkins said board members and volunteer campaigners will be out and about in the community beginning Tuesday to disseminate information and seek donations to the cause. The “Step Up for the Arts” campaign will run through March 10 to coincide with Infinity’s annual Art Market and Auction, and hopes to raise $10,000 by that time.

“This will be a great way for individuals and businesses in the community to support Infinity and its mission of providing affordable arts education opportunities for our local youth,” said Jason Sample, Infinity’s board president.

Infinity empowers youth from all walks of life to maximize their potential by developing leadership, creativity, and confidence through music, arts, and performance. They are able to do this by creating a safe, supportive environment for young people to harness their creativity; use their time in positive ways; explore, experience and excel in the arts; and become future community leaders.

For more information about Infinity and the “Step Up for the Arts” fundraising campaign, call 664-0991, email or visit