Kennedy Pride Group Announces Dissolution Due To Low Membership

POLAND — The recent meeting marked the end of an era in Kennedy. Members of Kennedy Pride voted for dissolution, as their number has been shrinking and it has become harder to find enough people to carry on with the work to stage events and programs.

President of Kennedy Pride, the Rev. Michael Herdzik, led the meeting at the Kennedy Free Library. A decision was made to use any remaining funds after payment of expenses to purchase more flags to maintain the community display that has become an important tradition for residents. It was noted that the town of Poland had decided to maintain the display in the future.

The group released a prepared statement:

“Kennedy Pride would like to thank everyone who had any part, no matter big or small, in its founding and success. We realize there is no way to know how many people helped in its mission over the last 17 years. We wish we could thank everyone personally.

“Because of the vision of so many people, nearly 150 flags fly in our town every year and Hallquist Park was developed with a walking path, gazebo, picnic pavilion, tables, and flowerbeds. The annual Flag Retirement Ceremony honors our flag, its meaning, and those who served to defend it.

“We are humbled by those who gave their time and effort to help Kennedy Pride achieve what it did. While the official organization may not, the spirit and attitude of Kennedy Pride lives on! ‘Thank You’ hardly seems enough, but we say it with all the sincerity we can. Than you for the privilege of serving our community.”

It was a bittersweet atmosphere for those attending this meeting. Many had been involved with Kennedy Pride since its inception, and were pleased with all that had been accomplished during its existence.

They hoped that, while the group would no longer be there to carry on its activities, all those who had enjoyed them and took pride in the patriotic displays and traditions would carry them forward into the future.