State Announces $20 Million In Grants For Local Water Projects

Funding for several drinking water and wastewater projects in Chautauqua County will be getting a boost in the form of state infrastructure grant funding.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the grants Thursday, which including projects in the city of Jamestown, town of Chautauqua, and villages of Chautauqua, Westfield, Fredonia and Brocton. In total, about $20 million in grants will be awarded to 17 drinking water and wastewater projects in Western New York.

“This unprecedented investment continues New York’s commitment to helping municipalities develop necessary infrastructure to protect our water resources,” Cuomo said. “These investments are crucial to supporting the health and safety of our communities, and help lay the foundation for future growth and prosperity in every corner of this great state.”

In Jamestown, the state will fund $375,00 of a $1.5 million sliplining projects

In Chautauqua, town officials will see almost $2 million for two clean water projects, while the village of Westfield will see $1.125 million for its $4.5 water project.

In Fredonia, the village will receive almost $2 million for two projects. The village of Brocton also will see funding, $1 million for its $5.57 million drinking water project.

State Sen. Cathy Young, R-Olean, said she “applauded” news of the funding to communities in Western New York, and specifically the $12 million going toward water projects in the Southern Tier.

Young said the grants will be used to “finance critically needed water infrastructure upgrades that will assure clean, safe drinking water for residents as well as overall system improvements that will support economic development.”

“The Senate led the way, with Gov. Cuomo’s partnership, in securing $2.5 billion for the historic Clean Water Infrastructure Act in this year’s state budget,” she continued. “With these investments, New York is empowering local communities to tackle their water infrastructure challenges and build a better future for our residents. I thank Governor Cuomo for his support of these vital projects, which represent another historic step to protect the quality of our water.”

Assembly Andy Goodell, R-Jamestown, said, “The clean water grants to the city of Jamestown, the village of Brocton, village of Westfield, and the village of Fredonia will provide critical funding to ensure that our residents have excellent water supplies, now and in the future.

“These grants offset some of the costs that would otherwise be incurred by our residents in the form of higher user fees or taxes, and help keep our local municipalities competitive.”