Primary Races In Towns See Low Turnout

As expected, voter turnout was low in primary races held in rural areas Tuesday.

Besides nine races in the city of Dunkirk, four towns saw primaries among candidates who were vying to secure positions on the Republican line.

In the town of Harmony, 57 residents came out to vote for one of two Republican candidates running for town supervisor. Unofficial results posted by the Chautauqua County Board of Elections shows John E. Brown securing 45 votes and William A. Lawson, current supervisor, getting 12 votes.

Residents in the town of Clymer had the opportunity to vote for two of the three cadndiates running for town council seats on the Republican line. Todd H. Kolstee was the lead vote-getter with 61 followed by Matthew S. Wade, who secured 59 votes. Randall Shampoe Jr. obtained 17 votes.

Close to 100 residents in the town of Mina voted for one of two Republican candidates running for a currently-vacant town council seat. Results show Ernest A. Roache securing 58 votes, David B. Calvert receiving 37 votes and one write-in vote.

In the north county, town of Hanover residents voted for one of three candidates running for town justice on the Republican line. Phillip Hall came in with the most votes, 72, followed by Wayne L. Ashley, 70, and Anthony Pearl, 45.

Brian Abram, Republican elections commissioner, acknowledged that turnout during primaries Tuesday wasn’t surprising.

“It’s kind of what we expected,” he said.

Candidates who won their respective Republican primaries will appear on the ballot in November’s general election. Some will still see competition while others won’t face an opponent.