Hung Jury Results In Mistrial In Fredonia Kidnapping Case

Samuel Saeli

MAYVILLE – A mistrial was declared Friday afternoon in the Samuel Saeli kidnapping case as the jury couldn’t reach a unanimous decision.

The jury spent Thursday afternoon deliberating for close to four hours. The jury continued deliberations Friday for another four hours. Jurors considered a second-degree kidnapping charge and a sexual motivated felony.

During deliberations, the jury sent eight requests in paper to the Hon. Paul J. Wojtaszek for information to be repeated. Some of the requests included the reading of the indictment, legal definitions to words and the replaying of a jail call. Jurors came back into the courtroom to hear the information they requested.

Around 2 p.m., the judge received the eighth note from the jury stating they were still deadlocked and wouldn’t be able to come together on a verdict. Wojtaszek subsequently called them in and relieved them of their duties.

With the mistrial, a new trial with a new jury will take place. A date isn’t known at this point. The defense and prosecution will convene next week to further discuss the matter.

The jury was comprised of five men and seven woman. A majority of the jurors were older in age.