Condominium Project Clears Another Step

MAYVILLE — It’s been three years since Ben and James Webb first proposed creating a condominium project along Chautauqua Lake and now, after the Chautauqua County Planning Board again voted unanimously Tuesday that the latest project plan iteration was a matter of local concern for Mayville, the Webbs have cleared yet another bureaucratic hurdle on their journey to make their plan a reality.

The Webbs, who own the building on 74 Water St. currently occupied by 3 Seas Recreation, are looking to tear down the structure and erect a fractional ownership condominium hotel resort.

“Fractional ownership is similar to a time share, except that it is actually owned by the people with an interest in it, the people who buy the units,” explained Ed Cannon, Mayville’s code enforcement officer. “It’s locally a newer concept but it’s been in other places in the country. In Ellicottville, they may have some fractional ownership properties.”

The Webbs have had their proposal turned down before by the Zoning Board of Appeals even after the planning board had ruled in March of 2016 that the project was a matter of local concern. The Webbs went back to the drawing board and retained attorney Daniel Spitzer, who was present at last Tuesday’s meeting.

“What we’ve done since (the zoning board turned down the project) is to reduce the scale and size of the project to be more appropriate to what the village of Mayville master plan and waterfront plans call for,” Spitzer told the board.

The project, like many new building projects, doesn’t completely conform to the local building code requirements, so the Webbs must get the approval of those areas that don’t match the building codes, referred to as variances.

Currently, according to Cannon, the project is asking for four variances for the ZBA to approve.

One such variance regards the front yard, where the zoning requirements call for a minimum setback of 35 feet. “The project has a proposed setback of 24.5 feet,” said Cannon.

Likewise, the rear yard setback zoning requirement is for a minimum of 15 feet while the project “has a proposed minimum of nine feet, (therefore) a variance of six feet is requested,” said Cannon.

The project plan also happens to exceed the codes regarding height by 15 feet, six inches.

Other variances have to do with the various unit sizes and the setback distance for the proposed lap pool.

Spitzer told the planning board that “the goal (of the project) is to create a building that would be an improvement to the waterfront, an attraction to the waterfront, a reason for people to come to the waterfront and (for the project) to fit in with the LWRP (Local Waterfront Revitalization Program).”

Jared Anzalone of 3 Seas Recreation said he hopes the project is ultimately approved.

“It will be nice for Mayville to have something new built,” Anzalone said.

3 Seas has been in business for 25 years, 20 of which at its current Water Street address. The recreation business that sells dirt bikes, ATV’s and snowmobiles plans on staying in business. “We have other locations lined up. When the time comes, we’ll make that decision (of where to move),” Anzalone said.

Because the planning board deemed the project a matter of local concern, the matter moves to the village of Mayville Zoning Board of Appeals. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday at 6 p.m., at the Community Building located on 1 S. Erie St. in the village.