Committee Sends Water District Changes To Public Hearing

MAYVILLE — Changes to the North Chautauqua County Water District, as proposed by engineers to bring more projects into phase one, will go to a public hearing next month.

County legislators on the Audit and Control Committee authorized a hearing at the County Legislature’s September meeting regarding plans to extend water transmission line to Silver Creek. A new water tank would also be installed in the town of Dunkirk in a move to decommission an old one that serves the North County Industrial Water District.

Additions to phase one of the project come amid the village of Fredonia’s desire to not participate in phase one, which would have seen an interconnect of their water system with the city of Dunkirk’s system. With changes looking to be made, project costs are expected to stay the same.

Affected residents will be notified of the public hearing, according to County Attorney Steve Abdella. The full County Legislature will vote at their meeting Wednesday to set the September hearing.

Extending water main along Route 5 would allow 17 homes in Sheridan to be hooked up to municipal water. Legislator George Borrello, R-Hanover, said legislator Terry Niebel and he have received calls from residents in that area who are currently served by wells about getting into the district.

With water line looking to be extended, Borrello said the village of Silver Creek and town of Hanover will reach a point where they’ll have to reassess their contract with the Erie County Water Authority. Borrello said it could be beneficial to bring them into the district after residents were affected by a recent water main break at the water authority’s Sturgeon Point treatment plant.

“Being at the mercy of the Erie County Water Authority for water is not good. I’m glad this was added and I think it’s critically and strategically important on a number of levels,” he said. “Having this line out to connect more quickly is going to be critical for Silver Creek and Hanover to be able transfer as soon as their contract is up.”

As for Fredonia, County Executive Vince Horrigan said he doesn’t see the village coming into phase one of the water district. But he’s not ruling out the village’s involvement in phase two.

Nonetheless, Horrigan told legislators that extending water line up Route 5 is critical with Athenex coming to the town of Dunkirk and future development along the lakefront.

In late 2015 and early 2016, the legislature established the North Chautauqua County Water District, which consists of the towns of Portland, Pomfret, Sheridan and Dunkirk as well as the village of Brocton and the North County Industrial Water District. The county approved $11.75 million in bonds for the project. With additional grants and other sources of funding, the project will total around $15 million.

In other matters, committee members authorized the acceptance of funds from the Federal Aviation Administration and state Department of Transportation for paving projects at the Dunkirk and Jamestown airports.

At the Dunkirk Airport, taxiway B south will be rehabilitated to repair major cracks. The project totals $1.3 million. The federal government will supply $1.2 million while the state and county will each provide $69,600.

At the Jamestown Airport, taxiway foxtrot will be rehabilitated and an apron will be repaired for a total of $986,547. The federal government will supply $937,200 while $24,600 will be supplied by the county and state. County legislators also approved to accept funds for a pavement study at the Jamestown Airport. Ron Almeter, county airports and parks manager, told legislators that the study will evaluate all pavement structures at the airport.

Resolutions will go before the full County Legislature next week.