Chautauqua County Clerk Seeking A Second Term

Chautauqua County Clerk Larry Barmore has officially announced his plans to seek another term in office.

Barmore, a former legislator and business owner, said Thursday he’s seeking re-election as county clerk. Barmore won the 2013 election against Democrat Lori Cornell and went on to succeed longtime clerk Sandy Sopak. Barmore, who’s endorsed by the county Republican Party, will run against Democrat LeeAnn Lazarony in the November election.

As to why he’s seeking another term, Barmore said there’s more work to accomplish. Barmore said much of his time was spent setting up the Jamestown Department of Motor Vehicle’s Office and hiring and moving staff. Barmore credited Jamestown city officials, including Vince DeJoy, for their assistance in finding a new and more spacious location on Third Street.

“We’re finally in a position to tackle some of the long-term issues that will help secure our records for future generations, clean up some of the problems from 30, 40 and 50 years that still plague us today and make improvements to our procedures,” he said.

A Gerry resident, Barmore spent 40 years as owner of Gay Mark Tire & Wheel in Cassadaga. Serving three terms as a county legislator, Barmore was a member of the Administrative Services and Public Facilities committees. He was also a member of the Airport Task Force and the legislative redistricting committee.

Barmore acknowledged he’s had to deal with a slew of retirements during his time in office. He said it’s been a blessing and a curse.

“We’ve spent the better part of the last three years hiring, training and making changes in every sub-department, from three DMV offices to the main County Clerk’s Office, Weights and Measures (Department) and our Record’s Management Department,” he said. “We have new supervisors in the Jamestown and Dunkirk DMV offices as well as a new Weights and Measures director.”

Barmore said the office is working to ensure all DMV offices are consistent in their application of state DMV regulations. In addition, he said they began to electronically store land records in 2014. Come August, the office will begin to e-file Supreme Court documents.

Other changes by Barmore include the addition of signage at the Mayville office to direct customers and implementing ATM machines at DMV offices and County Clerk’s office. Barmore said he’s also been working to implement credit card acceptance at the clerk’s office.

“I’m excited to improve on the foundation we laid in the first term,” he said.