City Council To Vote On Grants

Jamestown City Council is being asked to endorse five Consolidated Funding Applications for the latest round of funding through the state Regional Economic Development Council program.

On Monday, council will be asked to endorse a grant applications for the Northwest Arena to expand their Grapes and Hops festival. On Monday, Sherry Hutley, Northwest Arena director of sponsorship and marketing, said the event combines local wineries and breweries. She said they would like to expand the event through a Market New York grant. She added that they want to use both ice rinks at the arena to have 20 wineries and 20 breweries participate in the festival.

Another grant application will be to endorse the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation application for a New York Main Street Downtown Anchor grant. On Monday, Vince DeJoy, city development director, said Joseph Rollman, local architect, and Jason Sivak, Sivak Stonemasonry, are working to rehabilitate 10-12 W. Second St. DeJoy said the building would be renovated to be a mixed-use commercial space with a community kitchen and upper floor apartments. He said the cost of the project is being estimated to be $2.75 million.

In 2013 and 2014 the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation was successful in receiving a New York Main Street Downtown Anchor grant. In 2013, they received $250,000 to assist in funding the redevelopment of the former M&T Bank Building into the Signature Center. In 2014, they received $500,000 for the future Jamestown Brewing Company development at the Lillian V. Ney Renaissance Center.

The third funding application would be to endorse a grant being applied for by the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation for the Arcade Building. DeJoy said C & S Companies would be conducting a study on the cost to rehabilitate or demolish the Arcade Building.

The fourth grant would be to endorse the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation application to update the Urban Design Plan. DeJoy said the grant is for $100,000 to do part two of the study.

Goody Clancy is the architecture firm that created Jamestown’s Urban Design Plan in 2006. The plan identified a need to look at how vehicles and pedestrians move throughout the city, in particular the downtown core. That plan was crafted with help from Bergmann Associates.

The fifth grant application would be for the city to partner with the Gebbie Foundation to create a public piazza between Jefferson and Washington streets around Northwest Arena and the National Comedy Center. DeJoy said they are looking to change the surface of the street to stamped concrete cobblestone. He said this area of the city would be closed to traffic during events at the arena or the National Comedy Center. When there is no event, the street would be open to vehicle traffic. He added the estimated cost projections for this project is a $600,000.