Stand Against Domestic Violence Campaign, Fundraiser Launches

Diana Butcher, Anew Center shelter manager, helped spread awareness of domestic violence and promoted a new fundraising effort for Shari Robbins’ family with Tim Hortons on Saturday morning. The Stand Against Domestic Violence Campaign and Fundraiser will run until Jan. 31. P-J photo by Katrina Fuller­

Along with their typical Saturday morning coffee and donuts, Tim Hortons gave customers the opportunity to support a good cause.

At all five Tim Hortons locations in Jamestown, Anew Center officials set up tables to provide information on domestic violence and kick-off a new fundraiser for the family of Shari Robbins, a community member whose life was ended due to an incident of domestic violence. The center is partnering with Tim Hortons to offer the community $10 vouchers for a dozen donuts until Jan. 31.

Diana Butcher, Anew Center shelter manager, set up a table Saturday at the South Second Street location in Jamestown, offering visitors information on the center, a goodie bag and a chance to purchase one of the vouchers. She said center officials reached out to the owners of the Jamestown Tim Hortons, the Tarana family, who were receptive of the idea.

“If someone gives $10, 70 percent of proceeds go to Shari’s children, and 30 percent goes back to Tim Hortons,” Butcher said. “It’s kind of a two-fold thing; it’s an awareness event, but also we are also trying to coordinate a fundraiser with Tim Hortons.”

She said the campaign is important to the community not only because they raise awareness, but are also helping a family. Domestic violence is prevalent in the community and happens in most communities, she said.

“To make change, we need to have enough awareness, prevention and education so that the younger folks coming up are learning that it’s not something to be ashamed of, it’s not something to be embarrassed about and it’s something we should be talking about,” Butcher said. “The best way to do that is through awareness and education. So, I think it’s two-fold that we have awareness and we have events like this.”

While the center has done fundraisers and awareness events, this type of event to benefit a family is a new occurrence, she said. All five Tim Horton’s locations are participating in the fundraiser, and the donut vouchers can be purchased by calling 661-3894.

Natasha Juma, prevention education specialist, said the campaign was the idea of many of the employees of the Anew Center. She said the idea was to support the family, but also let community members know domestic violence isn’t that far away.

“It is in our community, and there are people there to help you,” Juma said. “People don’t realize that it is right there in their back yard.”

With a partnership between the center and Tim Hortons, she said it shows the community that local businesses are willing to raise awareness and offer support, she added. Overall, prevention and education on these issues is important, especially at a young age, Juma said.

Another event in partnership with a community entity will be coming up in February. The Anew Center and the Jamestown Jackals, a local basketball team, will join together for a “Break The Silence For Domestic Violence” night on Feb. 17 at 7 p.m. Throughout the event, there will be activities that focus on domestic violence awareness. Proceeds for the event will benefit the Anew Center, said Juma.

For more information on the Anew Center, call 1-800-252-8748 or 661-3897.