Missing Cross With Son’s Ashes Returned To Family

This cross holds the ashes of Lily Soto’s late son. Submitted photo

A lost cross, which was posted and shared more than 1,500 times on Facebook, has been reported found Friday afternoon.

The cross contains the ashes of a family member, which helped spur the community’s outreach.

“I hugged the person, I kissed the person, I showed a picture of my son,” Lily Soto, mother, told the Dunkirk OBSERVER newspaper. “The emotions inside me right now are amazing. I was just praying to the Lord and thanking him for listening to the prayers and love and support of this community.”

The cross was lost around New Year’s Eve. Her 22-year-old son was wearing the chain with the cross and it was lost the next day. Soto didn’t believe there was malice involved and hoped that the ashes of her other son could return to the family. And then she posted it to Facebook.

“I posted it on Facebook and, oh gosh, I would say close to 2,000 people have shared it,” Soto said. “The person who had it has not seen the post until this morning. I think one of his friends or his mommy has seen it and was talking about it and said we have the cross.”

The moments from pressing ‘post’ until the afternoon on Friday had taken a toll on Soto. Many locals and much of Western New York joined in to spread the word. As of 3:39 p.m., the village police of Fredonia had 1,368 shares alone on the repost of Soto family’s cross.

“I was thinking of my prayer,” she said prior to receiving the cross, “that I did last night. I prayed to the Lord that I know that he works in mysterious ways and I know there might be a purpose in my situation. And to please perform a miracle that this community can see that Lord can do miracles and that faith and prayers are powerful.”