Lead Found In Forestville Schools’ Water Sources


FORESTVILLE — The Forestville Central School District is two for two where lead is concerned, reported Superintendent of Schools Renee Garrett.

Garrett said that after lead testing results came in for the elementary school. The district has been waiting for the middle school/high school results, which came in over the winter break. Letters have been sent home to parents, she said, conveying that lead was found and that a remediation plan will take place.

“The results of this testing were received on Dec. 28, 2016, and of the 98 water samples tested, only 25 showed lead levels above 15 (parts per billion),” the letter reads.

These middle school/high school numbers are fairly close to the elementary school’s, which came in at 23 out of 84 water sources having lead content above allowable levels. So, it wasn’t too much of a shock to officials — especially considering that the buildings aren’t exactly new.

“Due to the age of the building, we were not sure what to expect with the results of the (middle school/high school) tests,” Garrett said.

According to New York State Public Health laws, water sources containing lead amounts greater than 15 parts per billion require remediation. In other words, whatever is contaminating the water sources, like old pipes, connections or spouts, must be replaced. Then the water sources must be tested again. That’s already underway at the elementary school, and it will soon happen at the middle school/high school, too.

“Remediation is underway for the elementary building and we are prepared for the second round of testing. (The) second-round testing is scheduled to take place soon,” Garrett stated.

She also noted that the Health Department was immediately informed of the test results, and in addition to the letters sent home to parents, a copy of that letter and the test results are also posted on the district’s website, http://www. forestville.com/. Signs have also been posted.

“We have signs posted in every location that tested at the actionable limit. We are in the process of working on a remediation plan for the (middle school/high school). The timeframe (for completing the work) is dependent upon the condition of each source,” she explained.

The Forestville Board of Education will meet Jan. 12 at 5 p.m. in the middle school/high school library.