First Ever Forfeiture Auction To Take Place In Warren

WARREN, Pa. – Local residents will soon have a chance to bid on items left behind by convicted criminals.

At 10 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 5, the Warren County Drug Task Force will hold its first Forfeiture Auction at the Russell Volunteer Fire Department. The auction will be run by Chase Auction of Warren County.

The items to be auctioned have been seized from drug dealers and criminals who have operated in Warren County and have either been found guilty at trial or pleaded guilty to criminal charges, namely selling “hard” illegal drugs like meth, bath salts, cocaine and heroin.

The items that the Drug Task Force will have for auction are automobiles (including a Corvette and Mustang), tools and construction equipment, TVs, jewelry, knives and many other items.

The upcoming auction has been in the making for quite a while, according to Warren County District Attorney Rob Greene.

“This was actually an idea that I ran on in my campaign,” said Greene, who was elected in 2013. “The auction is an excellent way to provide money to the Warren County Drug Task Force and their operations.’

Proceeds from the auction help to pay for items that will assist the Drug Task Force, such as body cams for local law enforcement, items for Conewango Township K-9 Unit “Chopper,” replacing outdated bulletproof vests and many other items.

Greene said the auction also serves as extra punishment to drug dealers and other criminals in Warren County.

“Something like this is a huge deterrent to keep dealers out of Warren County,” he said. “Not only do they serve jail time, if you take their things away from them that’s a huge deterrent to operate here.”

The threat of losing items on top of regular jail time has “slowed down” dealers in Warren County, as opposed to other counties that do not have these auctions, according to Greene.

The auction will be open to the public. Employees of the Warren County District Attorney’s Office and local law enforcement are not eligible to bid on any items in the auction, Greene said.

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While the auction has obvious benefits to the county, Greene says it may not become a regular event.

“We will only have an auction when there is a good amount of stuff to auction off,” he said. “In a perfect world, people would stop dealing drugs in the county and we’d never have enough to do another one.”