Foster Grandparent Program Seeks Seniors

The local Foster Grandparent Program is looking for senior citizens willing to act as role models, mentors and friends to children with exceptional needs.

The program provides for volunteers age 55 and over a way to stay active by serving children and youth in the community.

Volunteers serve at local organizations that:

¯ Help children learn to read and provide one-on-one tutoring

¯ Mentor troubled teenagers and young mothers

¯ Care for children with disabilities

¯ Help children who have been abused or neglected

Those who qualify receive:

¯ A tax-free stipend;

¯ Flexible work hours – a minimum of 15 hours per week or as much as 40 hours;

¯ Travel assistance

¯ Monthly in-service trainings

¯ Meals

¯ Social and recognition events with other Foster Grandparent volunteers.

For more information, call 665-5354.