Harmony Senior Citizens Convene For Business

Harmony Senior Citizens met Aug. 2 at the North Harmony Senior Center with 37 members present. Beverly Smith, president, welcomed everyone and Lois King, chaplain, read “Late Summer Day,” led the flag salute and offered the dinner prayer.

Birthdays were celebrated by Ruth Brown, Eleanor King, Lois King and Sandy Whitford. Ruth Brown was the oldest member present. There were no anniversaries.

The slate of officers for the coming year were Beverly Smith, president; Ellen Coffaro, vice president; Wendie Raynor, secretary; Mary Lou Garfield, treasurer; and Lois King, chaplain. Nominations from the floor were offered and a motion was made to accept all officers as presented. Sally Hagg installed the slate of officers. Dotttie Enlow will continue to serve as trip chairperson, Eloise Smith will continue with the birthdays and anniversaries and Joyce Ecker will continue as cheer person.

Beverly thanked all officers for the excellent job they had done this past year, with a special thank you to Chuck Ellis for a super job overseeing the building.

A check for $100 was donated to the Panama back to school Pack Pack Giveaway.

Dottie reported there is still room for the trip to Corning Glass Works on Oct. 2 and only one seat left for the trip to the One-Song Country Holiday. Dottie asked for suggestions for trips for the coming year.

The treasurer books will be audited by Cindy McIntyre and Betty Johnson.

Beverly reminded members who have not donated deodorant for the Office For The Aging Santa for Seniors to do so at the next meeting. She also asked that each member bring a deck of cards to the September meeting.

The next meeting will be held Thursday, Sept. 6, at 5 p.m. at the North Harmony Senior Center in Stow. All persons over the age of 55 are welcome to attend. A tureen dinner will be held. The food committee is as follows: Bob and Cora Delahoy, Melvin and Ellen Lord with Eloise Smith making the birthday cake.