Fund For Women Grant Recipients Named

The Allegany-Cattaraugus-Chautauqua Fund for Women is pleased to announce the recipients of the Fund’s 2018 individual grants — the first two grants in Fund history. The recipients are: Caitlin Brown (Allegany County) and Debra Eck (Chautauqua County).

Grants are awarded based on demonstration of need and applicant explanation on how the money will be used toward continued personal growth and development. The grants, worth $200 each, are made possible by the generous donors who have contributed to the Fund for Women in the past 18 months.

The vision of the Allegany-Cattaraugus-Chautauqua Fund for Women is to be a resource that will provide financial assistance and open doors for women who seek continued betterment. The Fund for Women exists to invest in the lives of women in our communities in order to promote sustained self-sufficiency. The goals of the Fund for Women are:

To establish an endowed fund that will support the vision and mission of ACC FFW.

To award individual and agency grants, on an annual basis, in direct proportion to our endowment, through a thorough review of applications.

To promote philanthropy by and for women.