Area Students Take Part In 15th Annual Computer Science Competition

From left are Mason Maggio, Andrew Johnson and Harrison Monfort of Jamestown High School, winners of the spreadsheet competition at the State University at Fredonia’s 15th annual high school computer science competition.

High school computer science students from Chautauqua Lake, Fredonia, Gowanda, Jamestown and Eden recently competed in the 15th annual computer science competition sponsored by the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at the State University at Fredonia.

The students participated in contests in computer programming, electronic spreadsheets, web programming and a Quiz Bowl contest.

The Programming Competition challenges students to write computer programs to solve a series of problems. Students can use the programming languages of C++, Java, Python or Visual Basic. Pierce Lukonaitis, Everette Golden and Serena Emery of Gowanda High School won the programming competition. Programming teams from Gowanda High School swept the second and third place spots. The Web Programming Competition involves designing a professional webpage and coding that page using the Hypertext Markup Language. Student work is judged based upon appearance and functionality. Evan Blakeslee, Ryan Wilson and Brian Kayes from Chautauqua Lake High School placed first, and additional teams from Chautauqua Lake finished in second and third place.

The Spreadsheet Contest challenged students to use Microsoft Excel functions, values, formulas and labels to solve a series of real world business problems. The spreadsheets are judged for mathematic accuracy, functionality and appearance. The Jamestown High School team of Mason Maggio, Andrew Johnson and Harrison Monfort took first place honors. The team from Eden High School captured second, and Fredonia High School finished in third place. The Quiz Bowl contest consists of teams of three students answering a series of general knowledge questions on topics related to computers and computer science. The questions involve both mental calculations and reasoning. The first place team, from Eden High School, consisted of Ivy Schrecengost, Vincent Koren and Miles Calloway. Teams from Gowanda High School and Fredonia High School took second and third place honors.

SUNY Fredonia has been hosting the computer science competition since 2003. This year, 43 students were involved in the contest. The contest chairman was Dr. Mike Scialdone. He was assisted by Dr. Gary Hu, Dr. Gurmukh Singh, Dr. Ziya Arnavut, Denise Joy, James Pratt, Derrik Decker and Gregory Cole.

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