Persell Eighth-Graders Learn About Science

Alison McNally and Caden Salvaggio working on the “Liver and Hydrogen Peroxide Lab” as part of their chemical and physical changes experiments.

Persell Middle School eighth graders recently completed a “physical and chemical changes” lab in Mary Maggio’s science class. The 12-station lab included: Waxy Reactions, Acids & Base and Corrosion in Action to name just a few of the experiments.

At each station, students were asked to examine the physical and chemical properties of specific materials as this lab focuses on observation skills. Students must make predictions based on what they can see, feel, smell or hear. The lab allows students to witness physical and chemical changes of matter. Some of the skills student need for the lab are: measuring, following lab procedures, handling fire, mixing chemicals, determining the identity of an unknown elements and using physical and chemical properties.

Prior to the lab, students reviewed proper lab safety in the science classroom.