Jamestown Community College Names 165 December Graduates

Marilyn Zagora, vice president of academic affairs, and Eileen Goodling, vice president of student development at Jamestown Community College have announced the names of 165 students who were awarded degrees or certificates from the Jamestown and Cattaraugus County campuses in December 2017.

The highest honors designation represents a 4.0 grade point average, high honors a 3.50 to 3.99 GPA, and honors a 3.25 to 3.49 GPA. Students honored are:

Allegany: Rebecca Clayson (A.S.-Individual Studies), Timothy Pincoski (Certificate-Welding Technology High Honors), Krystal Thompson (A.S.-Business-Business Administration)

Arcade: Cassandra Sanders (A.A.S.-Welding Technology)

Ashville: Scott Lewis (A.S.-Communication High Honors), Brandy Rowe (A.S.-Individual Studies High Honors), Emilee Sperry (A.S.-Individual Studies High Honors), Logan Stebbins (A.A.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science Honors), Mary Williams (A.S.-Individual Studies High Honors)

Bemus Point: Brandon Greiner (A.S.-Individual Studies)

Black Creek: Summer Wulff (A.A.S.-Business-Business Administration)

Bolivar: Katelyn Hackett (A.S.-Individual Studies High Honors), Melissa Jones (A.S.-Human Services), Kennedy Scott (A.A.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences-Psychology High Honors)

Bradford,Pa.: Robert Vargas (A.A.S.-Human Services)

Brooklyn: Natiea Cannon (A.A.S.-Information Technology)

Caneadea: Zach Jones (A.A.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science)

Cassadaga: Brady Simpson (A.S.-Physical Education Studies)

Cattaraugus: Todd Pierce (A.S.-Business-Business Administration-Honors)

Conewango Valley: Chasity Clifton (A.A.S.-Medical Office Technology), Jakob Crusan (A.S.-Criminal Justice)

Coudersport, Pa. Jessica Bell (A.A.S.-Medical Office Technology-Honors)

Cuba: Kari Cayton (A.S.-Human Services Honors)

Delevan: Justyn Milks (A.S.-Criminal Justice)

Derby: Justin Steward (A.S.-Individual Studies Honors)

Dewittville: Ellysa Maze (A.S.-Human Services High Honors)

Dunkirk: Lindsey Ardillo (A.A.S.-Individual Studies Honors), Mark Baron (A.A.S.-Individual Studies), Corinne Carlson (A.S.-Human Services High Honors), Cheyanne Davis (Certificate-Medical Office Technology and A.A.S.-Medical Office Technology), Brooke Durfey (A.A.S.-Medical Office Technology Honors), Gary Halas (Certificate -Industrial Equipment Technology), Christina Kawski (A.S.-Business-Business Administration High Honors), Sara Kelemen (A.S.-Business-Business Administration), Natalie Nytz (A.S.-Individual Studies), Marcy Paden (A.A.S.-Office Technology), Julie Paredes (A.S.-Individual Studies), Drew Peterson (A.A.S.-Mechanical Technology-Machine Tool High Honors), Travis Rodriguez (A.S.-Individual Studies), Carrie Rusbuldt (A.A.S.-Computer Information Systems), Shanelle Waller (A.S.-Communication)

Eldred, Pa.: Jessica Dehaven (A.A.S.-Office Technology High Honors)

Ellicottville: Alticiae Kelley (A.S.-Individual Studies)

Falconer: Emily Brown (A.A.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences-Psychology High Honors), Terrell Colburn (A.S.-Business-Business Administration), Tiffany Donaldson (A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science Highest Honors), Joseph Mueller (A.A.S.-Individual Studies), Elizabeth Rehrauer (A.S.-Business-Business Administration), Zachary Tatchell (Certificate-Computer-Aided Design & Computer Numerical Control High Honors)

Franklinville: Vanessa Pfeiffer (A.S.-Individual Studies High Honors)

Fredonia: Joshua Balzer (A.A.S.-Individual Studies High Honors), Natosha Cook (A.A.S.-Business-Business Administration High Honors), Yvonne Gorndt (A.A.S.-Individual Studies Honors), Seth Grupa (A.S.-Business-Business Administration), Aimee Leon (A.S.-Individual Studies), Kristin Lundin (A.S.-Individual Studies), Jesse Rodriguez (A.A.S.-Individual Studies)

Frewsburg: Ashley Anderson (A.A.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences-Psychology High Honors), Skyler Gore (A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Emily Hanson (A.S.-Individual Studies High Honors), Michael Moore (A.A.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences-Psychology High Honors)

Geneva: Amanda Savaria (A.A.S.-Medical Office Technology High Honors)

Gerry: Olivia Ruiz (A.A.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences-Psychology)

Gowanda: Andrew Kaus (A.S.-Computer Science)

Great Valley: Sara Nuszkowski (A.A.S.-Business-Accounting Honors)

Ischua: Blake Root (A.S.-Business-Business Administration High Honors)

Jamestown: Rachael Blakey (A.A.S.-Individual Studies), Halli Buchanan (A.S.-Criminal Justice), Joseph Chico Figueroa (A.A.S.-Information Technology Honors), Tobi Culpepper (A.S.-Biotechnology High Honors), Maura DeShantz (A.S.-Individual Studies), Jacob Dietzel (A.S.-Criminal Justice Honors), Travis Foraker (A.A.S.-Individual Studies), Kayla Gilbert (Certificate-Individual Studies), Kaytlin Haines (A.S.-Criminal Justice), Joshua Johnson (A.S.-Human Services High Honors), Kelly Keefe (A.S.-Individual Studies), Justice Kuhn (A.A.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences-Psychology), Nick Kuhn (A.S.-Communication), Shawn McDonald (A.S.-Criminal Justice High Honors), Karley McGrath (A.A.S.-Individual Studies), Garrett Moller (A.S.-Individual Studies), Molly Morse (A.S.-Fine Arts: Studio Arts High Honors), Krysta Munella (A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science High Honors), Breanna Nelson (A.S.-Communication Honors), Daniel Nelson (A.S.-Individual Studies), Jennifer Norberg (A.A.S.-Individual Studies), Sean Nord (A.S.-Business-Business Administration Honors), Taylor Posey (A.S.-Business-Business Administration), Jarred Ristau (Certificate-Entrepreneurship), SallyAnne Rudny (A.S.-Criminal Justice High Honors), Shaunah Rudny (A.S.-Individual Studies Honors), Kristina Ruth (A.A.S.-Individual Studies), Erika Sanders (A.S.-Media Arts High Honors), Cellyann Semidey (A.S.-Fine Arts: Studio Arts High Honors), Paige Sirwatka (A.S.-Communication High Honors), Kerilynn Snyder (A.S.-Individual Studies), Brittany Tuzzo (A.S.-Business-Business Administration), Grettle Vaeao (A.S.-Criminal Justice), Andraya Vazquez (A.S.-Environmental Science), Rylea Walden (A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science Honors), Patrick Walsh (A.S.-Individual Studies), London Woods (A.S.-Individual Studies)

Johnstown: Katherine Turner (A.A.S.-Medical Office Technology Honors)

Kennedy: Jordan Crabtree (A.S.-Criminal Justice), Kendra Everett (A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science Honors), Danielle Green (A.A.S.-Individual Studies), Preston Rhodes (Certificate-Welding Technology Honors)

Lakewood: Baylee Brown (A.A.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences-Sociology), Hayden Burgeson (A.S.-Criminal Justice-High Honors), Erika Gustafson (A.S.-Individual Studies), Jade Johnson (A.S.-Individual Studies), Jared Yartz (A.A.S.-Individual Studies)

Little Valley: Gordon Brooks (A.S.-Media Arts High Honors), Vincent Durand (A.A.S.-Criminal Justice-Police), Jack Winsor (A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Adolescence Education High Honors)

Machias: Bridget McCabe (A.A.S.-Business-Business Administration)

Mayville: Pamela Herdeman (A.A.S.-Individual Studies), Michael Sacilowski (A.A.S.-Individual Studies)

Montour Falls: Blake Antal (A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science High Honors)

Niskayuna: Jonathan Campano (Certificate-Individual Studies High Honors)

Olean: Charles Betz (A.S.-Criminal Justice Honors), Collin Charles (A.S.-Individual Studies Honors), Jeffrey Ellison (A.S.-Business-Business Administration), Jessica Foskolos (A.A.S.-Medical Office Technology High Honors), Stephanie Fox (A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Amy George (A.A.S.-Criminal Justice-Police), Jessica Johnson (A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Alexis Layman (A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Michael Lyons (A.A.S.-Individual Studies), Justine Ramadhan (A.A.S.-Human Services), Ryan Robbins (A.S.-Business-Business Administration High Honors), Aileen Snow (A.S.-Business-Business Administration), Jennifer Witruke (A.S.-Business-Business Administration Honors)

Oswayo, Pa.: Nazarath Kremer (A.A.S.-Business-Business Administration)

Panama: Amelia Manwaring (A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Early Childhood Education Honors)

Portland: Virginia Green (A.A.S.-Early Childhood and Certificate-Early Childhood Development High Honors)

Randolph: Kenneth Harrower (A.S.-Individual Studies), MacKenzie Marsh (A.S.-Individual Studies High Honors), Brittany Phanco (A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science High Honors), Corwin Potrzebowski (A.S.-Criminal Justice High Honors)

Richburg: Brian Strawser (A.S.-Communication Honors)

Rixford, Pa.: Elizabeth Shaw (A.S.-Individual Studies)

Rockville, Md.: Ben Morgan (A.S.-Individual Studies)

Russell, Pa.: Nicole Eckman (A.S.-Human Services Honors)

Salamanca: Jonathan Jimerson (A.S.-Individual Studies), Schyler Jimerson (A.A.S.-Human Services), Zachary Petrichko (A.A.S.-Individual Studies)

Shanghai, China: Chen Tang (A.S.-Fine Arts: Music High Honors)

Sheffield, Pa.: Brandy Rockwell (A.A.S.-Early Childhood Honors)

Sherman: Kyla Rhebergen (A.S.-Individual Studies High Honors)

Shinglehouse, Pa.: Christopher Main (A.A.S.-Computer Information Systems Honors)

Sinclairville: Alyssa Caskey (A.A.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences-Psychology High Honors), Jeffrey McSkimming (A.S.-Computer Science High Honors), Kim Morley (A.A.S.-Individual Studies High Honors)

Smethport, Pa.: Autumn Stiles (A.A.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences-Psychology High Honors)

Sugar Grove, Pa.: Graham Larson (A.A.S.-Information Technology Honors), Levi Stanko (A.S.-Criminal Justice)

Warnerville: Ashlee Fletcher (A.A.S.-Information Technology High Honors)

Warren, Pa.: Chloe Meddaugh (A.A.S.-Medical Office Technology)

Wellsville: Amanda Aldrich (A.S.-Business-Business Administration), James Comstock (A.A.S.-Business-Business Administration), Michelle Whitesell (A.A.S.-Medical Office Technology High Honors)

Westfield: Emily LaPorte (A.A.S.-Medical Office Technology High Honors), Christina Schuster (A.A.S.-Early Childhood and Certificate-Early Childhood Development Honors)