Gerry Senior Citizens Hear About Smart Shopping

GERRY — Carrie Johnston, from the Heritage Village, was the recent guest speaker at the Rodeo City Senior Citizens luncheon and program at the Gerry United Methodist Church. Mrs. Johnston wanted to share with the group some thoughts on practical and sensible buying of groceries. Never shop on an empty stomach, she said, one ends up buying a lot of unnecessary snack items. Look for unit labels on the shelf, and always check for dating on groceries.

The luncheon meeting was opened by President Allen Swanson, and the blessing prior to the meal was given by Art Hodges. Festive table decorations were provided by Judy Daly.

John Sipos spoke on his recent journey to Punxsutawney Pennsylvania to see the weather forecaster groundhog Phil. Sipos said that even though it was extremely cold and windy, there were masses of people present to hear the annual prediction. Sipos said that as soon as the groundhog Phil made his prediction about more winter, there was a loud booing and the thousands turned right and headed for the busses to take them back to town.

The secretary’s report of the last meeting was read by Margie McIntyre, and approved. In the absence of the treasurer, President Swanson gave the treasurer’s report which was also approved. Sunshine chairman Ruth Newton gave the list of birthdays and anniversaries, and the appropriate songs were sung.

The next meeting of the group will be Friday, March 9, promptly at noon. Table decorations will be provided by Cecil and Jan Miller. All those attending are asked to bring a dish of food to add to the meal and their own table service. This gathering closed with all singing “Blest Be The Tie That Binds” written by Dr. John Fawcett in 1772, and accompanied by piano music by Carl Sellers. Sellers said that music is important to him and that even though he reads music, he often plays the piano by “ear.” A good program and social gathering were enjoyed by all.