Collaboration Continues On Child Abuse Cases

Representatives from several agencies signed a Memorandum of Understanding to continue working as members of the Chautauqua County Child Abuse Multidisciplinary Team, in partnership with The Child Advocacy Program (CAP), to ensure child abuse victims get the thorough treatment and investigative services they deserve. These agencies include Law Enforcement, Prosecution, Child Protective Services, Department of Health and Human Services, Mental Health Services, Medical Providers and Victim Advocacy.

Carey Lee, interim executive director of CAP, says the agencies are committed to collaborating on treatment and investigative services, and to ensuring that children receive the best care as they begin to heal.

Lee said, “The signing of the MOU is a formal commitment to work together on behalf of child victims of abuse.”

Lee mentioned child abuse is 100 percent preventable, but it is very complex and takes an entire team committed to children. The signing of the MOU signifies this commitment.

CAP offices, located in Jamestown and Fredonia, facilitate collaboration of social service and legal agencies to assist victims and their families, and to investigate and prosecute abusers.

CAP is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending child abuse in Chautauqua County. When abuse does occur, CAP coordinates a community response to bring healing, hope and justice to children and families. CAP is a United Way Agency. For more information visit