Shelly Wells Wins YMCA Weight Loss Challenge

The YMCA’s New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge winner, Shelly Wells (center) is pictured with Mark G. Eckendorf, the chief executive officer of the Jamestown Area YMCA and Alana Moore the aerobics and fitness coordinator for the Jamestown Y, in the Y-Express Center at the Y’s Downtown Branch, Dec. 8. Wells lost a total of 27 pounds and 16 percent of her body weight during the year-long challenge.

The Jamestown YMCA announced the winner of its yearlong weight loss challenge. Shelly Wells clinched the “W” after losing a total of 27 pounds or around 16 percent of her body weight from January through Dec.7.

Wells, along with Denise Ohman, each lost the required amount of weight to be entered into a drawing for a large, flat screen TV which Wells ended up winning. Around 20 or so individuals began the weight-loss challenge and only Wells and Ohman were the remaining finalist at the end.

How did Wells do it, some may ask.

“I love to run,” Wells said. “I used the indoor track at the YMCA, I participated in the Fitness in the Park program and I used the Y’s treadmills.”

The YMCA has long been known as a great support place for those wishing to lose weight and get fit in our community. A sentiment Wells seems to support.

“The program (New Year’s Weight loss Challenge) is a good way to lose weight,” Wells said. “It keeps you accountable, and the staff is always friendly and supportive here.”

Also rocking it out in the winner’s circle with Wells was Denise Ohman, who lost a total of 12 percent of her starting body weight. Ohman, showed heart and tenacity by not only losing weight, but by sticking the program for the whole year.

The YMCA “Top Dog” added this about the New Year’s weight loss challenge.

“This program allows its participants to lose the weight over a one-year period,” said Mark Eckendorf, chief executive officer of the Jamestown YMCA. “So, the hope is a lifestyle change conducive to healthy living for our program participants.”

Join the YMCA on Jan.1 for a ‘new’ New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge.

To participate in the upcoming 2018 weight loss challenge contact Alana Moore, fitness and aerobics coordinator for the Jamestown Area YMCA, at 664-2802 ext. 231 or email her at