Marvin Community House Members Meet

Members of the Marvin Community House met on Oct. 19 for luncheon and a short business meeting.

President Rosemary Lombardo conducted the meeting and welcomed members and guests. Guest speaker Yvonne McNallie talked on “Elizabeth Warner Marvin” and told of events, inventions and fashions of her era from 1866 to her death in 1950.

In 1935 when Marvin bequeathed her lovely home on the corner of North Main and Fifth Street to the women of the area as a meeting place and clubhouse, with the provision that it be used by women’s groups whose purpose in the moral or mental improvement of women who are engaged in literary, musical, educational, patriotic, scientific or historical work.

Upon her death, eight friends were to serve as trustees and a corporation to administer it. Two-hundred women signed a petition expressing their support for the project to fulfill the terms of Marvin’s will and in March of 1951 Judge Hugh Bodine told a group of women and attorneys “this is the first time in the history of Jamestown that anyone has come forward with such a proposition. If you women express your interest and determination to succeed in this project then we are duly bound to give you a chance.”

The talk ended with rousing applause for Marvin for the priceless gift of her home and to the dedicated and determined women who have supported and enjoyed the house for last 66 years.