Local Groups Raise $9,000 From Old Bicycles

From left are Sue Coffaro of A New Leash on Life and Les Johnson of Hollyloft Ski and Bike.

Les Johnson from Hollyloft Ski and Bike and Sue Coffaro from New Leash on Life collaborated on a recent fundraiser that raised $9,108 by selling old bicycles donated to Hollyloft, with proceeds to help the Celoron animal rescue. The rescue, which houses homeless dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, rabbits, pigs, chickens and other assorted abandoned pets, cares for the unwanted animals and tries to find them new homes. In the past six years, Hollyloft has sold more than 675 bikes and donated $37,608 to the animal rescue.

Hollyloft will now accept old cross country skis, boots and poles or newer downhill and snowboard equipment to be donated for New Leash on Life. Bicycle donations will be accepted starting April 1.