Chautauqua Lake Partnership Holds Emergency Meeting With Ellery Town Council Members

Curly Leaf Pondweed gathers in the lower basin of Chautauqua Lake. Submitted photo

BEMUS POINT — Members from the Chautauqua Lake Partnership held an emergency meeting with the Ellery Town Board on Friday.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the filing of an emergency authorization to the Department of Environmental Conservation for six target zones in Bemus Bay, identified in the Chautauqua Lake Macrophyte Management Strategy.

According to Dr. Jim Cirbus, the Ellery Town Board unanimously supported filing the emergency authorization upon the grounds that the critical weed situation supported by a recent survey describes imminent threat to health, property, general welfare and environment.

It is anticipated that the emergency authorization will be filed on Monday. Upon receipt of the emergency authorization, the DEC will have 48 hours to make a determination.

According to Cirbus, the CLP, which reunited this year for the first time since 2002 out of concern of the lake’s health, supports a balanced approach to the management and removal of invasive aquatic vegetation in Chautauqua Lake. It believes that weed harvesting plays an important role, but is insufficient without supplemental action, such as responsible herbicide use.

The Chautauqua Lake Macrophyte Management Strategy can be viewed at