Salsarons Multicultural Food Coming To Jamestown

Sauces and dressings produced by Salsarons Multicultural Food Products. Ron Vaughn, owner of Salsarons Multicultural Food Products, said the process is in motion to bring Salsarons’ dressings and sauces to cafeterias and restaurants around the area. Submitted photo

Ron Vaughn has been cooking since childhood.

Vaughn, owner of Salsarons Multicultural Food Products, said his passion for cooking started by watching his mom in the kitchen. Using that knowledge and flair for flavor, Vaughn started his own company, focusing on multicultural sauces and dressings to provide customers with easy, flavorful sauces to cook with. He started the business in Maryland in 2012, but relocated to Jamestown more than a year ago after visiting a friend and falling in love with the area.

Vaughn said he visited the Lucy Desi Museum, and found the city to be a “peaceful, storybook town.”

“I said well, this may be a nice place to consider a relocation,” he said. “That’s what I did.”

Vaughn said his mother never used a recipe, which made a big impact on him. He said she used her creativity to cook, which he also enjoys doing.

Ron Vaughn

“Whatever she could see in her cabinets, spices and all, she would just add different things,” Vaughn said.

His family also had a restaurant in Washington, D.C., which he participated in operating. Later on, Vaughn joined the U.S. Air Force. After he left the Air Force, he decided to pursue sauces.

“I started experimenting with various creative recipes of sauces and dressings,” Vaughn said. “My big challenge was coleslaw, simply because coleslaw being one of the most popular sides in America, people either love it or hate it for one of three reasons. Usually because it’s too sweet, too bland or tastes horrible.”

Vaughn said he worked on creating a coleslaw dressing that would revolutionize the taste, which he believes he has. During the taste testing for the coleslaw dressing, Vaughn said people who did not like coleslaw ended up enjoying the dressing.

The company also offers sauces such as a tomato sauce for creating different dishes. Vaughn said sauces are multipurpose, and can be used for many recipes. This approach allows consumers to save money while not cutting down on flavor, he said.

At the moment, Vaughn is in the process of relaunching the company in New York state. He said there is work being done to secure distribution in New York.

“Previously, we met with Jamestown Community College and we’re working with the Small Business Development Center at JCC,” he said. “We have also met with the Northwest Arena General Manager Craig Hinderleider, who expressed potential interest (in the sauces).”

Vaughn said the product release date is slated for late spring or early summer this year.

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