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Local Tech Company Sets Up Shop In Bemus Point

Spartara, a local technology company which offers digital and software development to companies to help them compete in a global economy, has announced it will establish its headquarters in Bemus Point. Pictured are Spartara’s business partners: Dee Dippel; Will Nieder Jr.; Robert Holland; Tim Town, Spartara’s chief executive officer and president; and Casey Mulkins. Submitted photo

BEMUS POINT — Despite searching throughout the country for a place to house his new technology company, Jamestown native Tim Town and his business partners have opted to base their operations within Chautauqua County.

Spartara, which offers digital and software development to companies to help them compete in a global economy, has announced that it will base its headquarters in Bemus Point. Town, chief executive officer and president of Spartara, said several factors went into the decision to remain local and serve the area in a unique and innovative way.

“We had looked extensively throughout North and South Carolina, as well as parts of California, but growing concerns with commute times and other factors led us to look more seriously right here at home,” Town said. “We want to make Chautauqua County a ‘tech county’ because, let’s face it, the Internet is the new factory. This is a new way to help our local economy and so that’s what we’re shooting for.”

Development of the headquarters space is already underway and the business has been serving local customers with an array of products that include fleet management software, custom software solutions and a retail presence in the Third Street plaza. This retail space will open next month under the name Geeklynk, which will assist its customers with anything from computer repair and virus removal to website development and search engine optimization (SEO) services.

“Our community has gone through tremendous challenges and we want to be a part of the solution,” Town said. “The more jobs that we can help create in this area, the better off everyone will be. You cannot solve social and economic issues overnight; however, it is amazing what can be accomplished in a few short years when a community is empowered to improve and work together.”

“We hope to inspire others to both stay and come back home to help move this area in the right direction,” he added. “Our physical surroundings are beautiful and we can use that to our advantage in the long term.”

Spartara also announced the offering of a new shipping service called “Receivur,” a ship-to-network platform that aims to end consumer package theft while providing economic opportunity to freelance delivery drivers.

“We all have heard the term ‘porch pirates,'” Town said. “It is estimated that over 25 million Americans have been victims of criminals who steal packages, which often include Christmas gifts, right off of their front porches. We believe that this platform will empower consumers to choose a delivery time that works with their schedule so that they are home to receive their packages.”

Receivur allows everyday people to sign up to become a delivery driver. After passing a background check and vehicle specifications, Receivur drivers can log into the Receivur app and begin posting for deliveries. Drivers can elect to do as many deliveries as they are able to without overlapping customer time preferences. They are paid a generous portion of each delivery fee charged to their client and paid as independent contractors who work for themselves.

For more information about Receivur, visit For more information about Spartara, call 386-1135 or visit