Retail Revival

Christian-Based Apparel Store Opening At The Mall

Justin Thorp and Brent Morris will open their Christian-based apparel shop, Welcome To The Revival, on Thanksgiving at the Chautauqua Mall. Morris and Thorp will also open an online shop at Submitted photo

LAKEWOOD — A new opportunity to support a local, Christian-based company is coming soon to the area.

Opening on Thanksgiving night, Welcome To The Revival is the one stop shop for bold, Christian-based clothing at the Chautauqua Mall and online. The company is owned and operated by Justin Thorp and Brent Morris, local community members taking a step out in faith.

Morris said the pair had the idea for quite some time, but have found that this year is the right time. The shop will be open the same hours as the mall and will be open until Dec. 31, however, the store will close at 6 p.m. on Wednesday nights and will not open on Sunday until 1 p.m. due to church-related obligations. The website with the full line of clothing will also be available at

“We can’t sell God-first gear if we aren’t living by example,” Morris said. “People need to put more of a value on their local church.”

The pair will offer a variety of options for gifts, apparel needs and more, he added. Welcome to the Revival will offer short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts and hoodies (available online) for men, women and youth.

“We also will be selling bracelets with bold messages on them and totebags for the ladies,” Morris said.

Thorp said he and Morris became acquainted previously before their connection with the church, and spent much of their time “sitting on the bar stool, wasting away.”

“Then, I got connected to our church seven years ago, and it was life-changing,” Thorp said. “The same happened to Brent years later and now, instead of partying in the world and instead of being addicted to drugs and booze, we now live a God-first and sold-out life for Jesus because he delivered us from all addictions.”

Due to the changes made in their lives, the pair said they feel it is now time to “gear up and take this message to a dark and hurting world.”

While Morris and Thorp attend Family Church and will be tithing and giving offerings, the business and the church are not connected.

“We want to lead the way to fund churches and bless people, help families and the community,” said Morris. “We are a for-profit business, but God’s house comes first.”

For more information, visit the website or find them on Facebook.