I-86 Truck, Auto Repair Host Open House

I-86 Truck and Auto Repair hosted an open house to introduce customers to their business and showcase new renovations. Renovations began last April and continued until August. P-J photo by Jordan W. Patterson

Ronda Whitford welcomed customers to an open house at I-86 Truck and Auto Repair Saturday afternoon.

The repair shop upgraded various aspects of the building, which included more space and restored an old liftand brought in two new ones. Whitford noted that the shop now has eight bays opposed to the five bays previously.

Whitford said the shop needed more space because customers were lining up to receive service.

Among the changes, Whitford and her husband Nathan will be changing the floor plans for the shop.

A new siding was added to the outside of the shop and a new entrance was built.

I-86 Truck and Auto Repair also introduced a new digital system within their business in order to become more efficient, Whitford said.

“The communication between the front counter and the technicians is much smoother now and quicker,” Whitford said. “It’s a more efficient process.”

The new process will allow the front desk and the technicians in the back to communicate more efficiently and not have to run back and forth. Whitford also noted that they offer a digital inspection for their customers that wasn’t available previously. Mechanics will take pictures of the specified issue on a particular car and email it to the customer with notes attached.

The renovations began last April and went until August. I-86 Tuck and Auto Repair didn’t close down for those months of remodeling either, employees simply worked around the contractors.

Whitford said the mechanics have to work outside sometimes within normal circumstances, but said last summer took it to a new extreme. Whitford noted that the summer is their busy season and the shop couldn’t close down.

“I think we were able to keep up nicely, as we were trying to make due with what whatever we had,” Whitford said.

While some work remains, the repair shop used the open house as a way to celebrate these changes.

The open house featured free food, free gifts and a raffle. Whitford also hosted a Car Care Clinic Q&A where she encouraged people who typically feel discouraged, when it comes to vehicles, to ask questions. Whitford emphasized the transparency when it comes to her mechanics. She wants her customers to know exactly what to expect when they leave I-86 Truck and AutoRepair.

Whitford wanted customers to know they aren’t just a truck service, the shop repairs all types of vehicles. Because of the nature of the shop, which fixes vehicles from sedans to tractor trailers, Whitford said customers might not know what they actually do, calling their business model “very unusual.”

For Whitford, the open house was a way to celebrate the renovations, treat their loyal customers and introduce potential customers to the shop.