Tolman Earns Excellence Award

Tolman Engineering, Architecture & Surveying was recently awarded a Gold Excellence in concrete design and installation award by the American Concrete Institute for the Sub-Basement Remediation Project at the Syracuse Veterans Administration Medical Center.

This was a $4.5 construction project where the sub-basement of the 10-story VA medical center was excavated from a few feet to a minimum of 4 feet, and with 8 feet corridors, throughout the sub-basement for access. In addition to the corridors, the entire area was encapsulated with concrete to remediate the existing dirt floor that contains a small amount of asbestos. This was an extremely complicated design and construction as the existing concrete caissons were excavated to near full depth and required stabilization until concrete walls and supports could be installed. Deterioration of some of the caissons and grade beams further complicated the design and construction as they required repair while keeping the building stable. The project was completed without problem or any significant issue during construction.