Medicaid Changes At Frewsburg Home

FREWSBURG — The Tanglewood Group is proud to announce that the Frewsburg Rest Home has been awarded ALP status as an assisted living facility.

With the addition of 81 Medicaid-eligible resident beds, the 106 W. Main St., Frewsburg, location can now offer the same government-assisted care to seniors that the group’s Tanglewood Manor facility in Jamestown has offered since 1998. The ”Rest Home,” as it is known by local residents, has served seniors in the community as an independent living facility for more than 40 years. With the announcement of the ALP bed additions, residents will only be required to pay a rate deemed by New York state to be suitable for their income, with Medicaid subsidizing the cost of care. Not only does this mean that the property can welcome residents of all income levels, but it also means current and future residents will always have a home — with the same benefits and care — regardless of changes to their income or personal savings.

The charming Victorian property, which greets visitors entering the village of Frewsburg, underwent major renovations and improvements after the 2014 acquisition by the Tanglewood Group. Completely renovated and modernized rooms with full baths now add a touch of elegance and luxury to the comfortable, country home and family-style setting.

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